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About Diphaphang SD Training Enterprise

Diphapang SD Trading Enterprise model is an institutional option to assists companies take over an ailing or even a thriving enterprise. Advancing business development particularly if an owner is unskilled or interested in meeting common needs, then Diphapang SD Trading Enterprise model could be an option.

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Our Point of View

The management's vision for long-term sustainable growth incorporates the creation of a stimulating and creative corporate environment. Within such an environment, the members of Diphapang SD Trading Enterprise's talented team have the opportunity to continually enhance their individuality and creativity while contributing to the growth and long-term success of the company.

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Our Objectives

We are focused on making our client's business processes more efficient and effective through ICT solutions. Our objective is to provide reliable and high-quality services at competitive prices and to provide valuable consultation services. The services are customized according to customer's specifications and needs

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Software and Technology    Stanley    April 2014   

Diphapang SD Trading Enterprise's management is composed of team experts with previous experience in the Information Communication Technology industry. These individuals possess the superior determination, clear vision, and exceptional experience key to the success of the company and we plan to employ additional experts.

Using our talents and expertise, our consulting service range from corporate promotion, ICT Strategy to internal and external branding strategy with its extensive capacity, providing comprehensive integrated solutions, high quality and cost effective value added.


Computer and Business Systems Solutions: Customised Software Development | Voice over IP telephony | Call centre solutions. Computer Networking: Designing and commissioning corporate LAN | Cabling and data centre establishment | WI-FI network establishment and maintenance. IT Availability Services: Network infrastructure support | Desktop and server maintenance (Windows and Linux) | Software installations and upgrades.

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Design    Stanley    May 2014   

We are focused on making our clients' business processes more efficient and effective through ICT solutions. Our objective is to provide reliable and high-quality services at competitive prices and to provide valuable consultation services. The services are customized according to customer's specifications and needs.

Our Services

Web Design Development Advertising Services | Promotional Material | Graphic Design and Layout Publication Services | Banners Printing & Designing | Transcription Services | Printing and Editing Services | Marketing Material including gifts and accessories

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Audio Visual

Presentations    Stanley    May 2014   

Dst world is always on point when comes to technology development and its our responsibility to always provide an update to our clients with the ever growing world of technology and its trend. The digital technology world has taken the world by storm and gone are the days when presentations use to be made in office work. We are placed to provide a helping hand in the digital technology world, to come and simplify things, provide solution, create constant system in these ever changing times.

Our Visual Services

We do Audio Visual Digital presentations and many more: Production Design Service (Video Production & Editing), Online Adverts [e.g. internet adverts, TV Adverts] Flash Digital Presentations

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Project Management

Training and Development    Stanley    April 2014   

We perceive medium risk exposure in the competitive position as we continue to view our competitors as clients in terms of technical support. The grant sponsorship through the BBSDP for marketing material and training of management will contribute significantly toward our company becoming more competitive in the market place.

Our Services


Research, Analysis, Training & Development, SETA's Projects and Facilitators, Project Development * Initiation * Planning * Execution * Control * Closing, Skill Development Facilitators, evaluation and implementation of SHEQ systems.

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Business Management    Stanley    May 2014   

We place emphasis solutions to build a sustainable partnership with our clients and this will enables us to provide customised and executable strategies and action plan. We focus on regional solutions across different business sectors to ensure economic scale is balanced and reachable. We are accredited and service providers of several government and private companies.

All projects irrespective of size and nature require co-ordinate SHEQ management from the initial stages. Monitoring the compliance is essential to ensure the continued compliance on site.

Our Services

In order for our clients to understand and adopt to ever changing business environment, our solution is to developing digital strategy and quality management system (QMS) sets out to establish and maintain an effective and economic quality system within an organisation, no matter how big or small your company is. The ISO 9000 certification enables clients to demonstrate their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction as well as continuously improving their quality systems, integrating the realities of a changing world. ISO 9001:2008 is based on eight quality management principles.

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Contact Us

   19351 Bonatla Street,
       Zone14, Sebokeng
   Tel: 081 563 5126
  071 844 5523 / 074 527 8971

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